Join an organi­za­tion advocating for nurses and dedicated to improving the health of individ­uals and families in Washington state.

Nurse Representative #

Atten­tion Regis­tered Nurses: Are you seeking a change and ready for a challenge? WSNA may be what you’re looking for!

We are offering an exciting oppor­tu­nity for an experi­enced regis­tered nurse who wants to shift their career path a bit.

  • Are you inter­ested in helping nurses advocate for and empower each other to enforce their collec­tive bargaining agree­ment leading to meaningful changes in the workplace?
  • Are you inter­ested in being part of the solutions nurses desper­ately need to ensure their ability to practice safely?
  • Are you inter­ested in using your knowl­edge, skills and nursing experi­ence to recruit, organize and inspire nurses throughout Washington State?
  • Are you ready to educate and advise nurses to fulfill their poten­tial as advocates for the profes­sion by helping them develop the tools they need to be respected in the collab­o­ra­tive problem-solving process?

WSNA is now accepting appli­ca­tions for the Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive position. This position is covered by a collec­tive bargaining agree­ment and is an office-based position in the Spokane area.

We are seeking an experi­enced regis­tered nurse to work in our labor program. Union background is preferred. Flexible schedule and travel are required.